The Kickstarter has ended, but we're not done yet! We will continue to develop the 8Rlicht.

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Scrolling text

Do you have a webpage for a band, company or club? Show it on your smart taillight! You can simply type the text in the app and send it directly to your 8Rlicht. You can even use emoticons like hearts and smileys. After tapping send your text is immediately visible on your taillight. No hassle with USB cables. You can even select previous entries from the quick-menu while riding your bike.


Our smartphone app has a built-in editor for images. You can use it to quickly and easily draw your own image. You can also share images with others and download images from the internet, for instance the logo of your favorite sports club.

Themes and animations

A theme is a pack of images, animations and tekst that allows the smart taillight to react interactively on your riding or actions. You can set separate animations for braking during night and day, but also for other things like zigzagging. The animation itself can also react to the movement of the bike: these are not simple looping video's. Examples of themes are a Christmas theme with Santa in a sled and retro gaming themes based on old arcade games. We also provide themes for sports and a theme for a night out that includes a warning for other traffic when you start zigzagging.

Other uses

The led matrix part can be detached from your bike with a single screw, which is nice in case you want to use the led matrix for something else. For instance if you need a countdown clock for new year's eve, a scoreboard or if you want to take it with you in your car or truck (thanks for the idea Fred). If someone else removes the taillight from your bike the alarm will go off.

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