The Kickstarter has ended, but we're not done yet! We will continue to develop the 8Rlicht.

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Smart sensors

The smart taillight has a 3D motion sensor to measure motions of the bike. The beauty is that you don’t have to install any ugly wires. The smart taillight measures cadence (rotations of the crank), combined with speed derived from your smartphone’s GPS and other data such as inclination we can compute the amount of energy you put in and calculate calories you’ve burnt. And still the 8Rlicht can measure a whole lot more. What about the type of road you’re riding? Is it smooth asphalt or bumpy? Other things that are nice to know is how much you lean into a curve and if you were sitting on the saddle or standing on the pedals. The 8Rlicht can measure it all.


The app has a clean and customizable dashboard view. This allows you to see all the metrics you care about in the glance of an eye. You want to know how many calories you have burned? put it on your dashboard! Are you are interested in your average speed? Simply add it.

A bit of competition...

Getting active becomes a lot more fun using the competition functions of the app. Are you the fastest sprinter of your friends? You can also record a route and try to improve your time or challenge a friend. Are you racing your friends? The app will show you who is ahead of you and who is behind you in minutes and seconds. That will give a whole new dimension to cycling.

Wheelie timer

Speed isn't everything, agility and balance are also serious sports. Just try and stand still on your bike with your feet of the ground or try to balance on the rear wheel alone. The 8Rlicht detects wheelies and will immediately start timing them and measure the angle. Try to beat your friends and set the best time.

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