The Kickstarter has ended, but we're not done yet! We will continue to develop the 8Rlicht.

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Find your bike without searching for it

Often you'll know roughly where you have parked your bike (near the station for instance), but you forgot the exact position. Sometimes you stand right next to your bicycle without seeing it. In such cases it would be great if you taillight would blink a few times so you can walk right up to your bike. This taillight does exactly that. The smart taillight works in combination with your smartphone to find your bike without requiring any action on your part. As soon as you get close enough the lights will blink and if you walk the wrong way the buzzer will sound. And you can leave your smartphone in your pocket the whole time. No hassle... If you still can't find your bike, then you can check the last known GPS position that the app stored and use the active scanning function to know for sure if your bike was stolen.

Find back your stolen or removed bicycle

If your bike moves without you near it, then that's suspicious. Even if you disable the alarm, the smart taillight will send a "silent alarm". Using this special Bluetooth message administrators of bicycle parkings can provide additional services to guard your bike. Also if your bike was removed by the authorities then can use this feature to send a message to the bike owner via us. So if your bicycle was parked wrongly and removed by the authorities they can let you know how you can get it back.

Anti-theft alarm

When a thief triest to steal your bike, the alarm will immediately go off: Your smart taillight will start flashing and beeping. This will make any bike fitted with a smart taillight a much less attractive target to thieves. The alarm activates and deactivates when you move away with your smartphone or get in range with your smartphone, which is shown by a special animation on the led matrix. In the event that your smartphone's battery is dead you can always disarm or silence the alarm by entering your personal code: So even without your phone you can switch off the alarm.

Wirelessly connected to your smartphone

The smart taillight is designed for use in combination with a compatible smarthpone. This has to be a smartphone that supports the low energy Bluetooth Smart standard. At first we’ll make android and iOS apps. Using the app you can control the 8Rlicht and you can see all information from the built-in sensors. The app also has a built-in editor to personalize the led matrix.

Battery status indicator

It is pretty annoying if your battery dies on you. Not that this is likely to happen with the 8Rlicht, because it is designed to be extremely energy efficient, despite the fact that it has a wireless connection and over 140 leds. However, should the batteries run out, then the built-in battery sensor will inform you when it is time to change the batteries. When the batteries are almost dead then the 8Rlicht has a special mode to at least light up a minimum amount of leds.

A power button

Even though it is great that your smartphone can switch the smart taillight on automatically, it won't work when your phone's battery is dead. Don't worry though: you can switch off the 8Rlicht with a normal button just like you would an ordinary taillight. And in case you had the alarm set, you can disable by entering a code using the same button. Bottom line: the 8Rlight always works, even without your phone...

No wires!

If you got a good looking bike and an equally beautiful 8Rlicht smart taillight, you probably don't want to wrap wires around your frame to connect the sensors. Which is why we are working hard to measure cadence accurately without using ugly sensors with long wires. Our first test result look very promising and we are confident we will have this working in our next prototype!


The app has a clean and customizable dashboard view. This allows you to see all the metrics you care about in the glance of an eye. You want to know how many calories you have burned? put it on your dashboard! Are you are interested in your average speed? Simply add it.

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