The Kickstarter has ended, but we're not done yet! We will continue to develop the 8Rlicht.

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Over 140 leds

With more than 140 leds you’ll certainly be visible to other traffic. The leds of the smart taillight are tuned to be sufficiently bright without being annoyingly blinding.

Additional side-leds

The smart tailling has additional leds directed sideways for maximum visibility in traffic from all sides. Also when looking for you bicycle in a large parking these help to find your bike.

Brake-light function

Every car has it, both bicycles don't: A brakelight. Even though there are plenty of situations in which you'd be much safer having a brake light on your bike. Cars will often be way to close whenever the road is too narrow for a car to pass. If you need to brake suddenly in such situations you'll be glad you have a taillight that immediately swithes all leds on to signal the driver behind you, even in broad daylight.


If you use your smartphone for things like texting while riding your bike, your smart taillight will warn other traffic with a special warning symbol to avoid accidents.

Instability warning

Sometimes you’ll step on your bike while you’ve had just a bit to much to drink. The smart taillight measures your responsetime when you need to correct your balance. In other words: it measures how bad your zigzagging is. It’s up to you what to do with that: you can allow your smartphone to notify you or notify anyone else on the road to give you extra clearance.

Active reflector

Even though 50% of the smart taillight is a reflector, we can still do better. Using the app you can enable the active reflector. The 8Rlicht will measure the ambient light and will respond to sudden increases due to other lightsources by switching all leds on. A big advantage of the active reflector is that the leds will stay on for a few seconds even when the lightsource is gone, making your extra visible.

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